Version History

Latest Version

The latest version is 0.7

The next version of the software is not yet determined.

Known Issues

Version 0.7
The values of the OUT and IN LEDs cannot be changed. Clicking on them should reverse the state.
Version 0.6
It does not work properly with Netscape Navigator on Window 95. The cause is under investigation.
Version 0.5
Platform independence has not been fully achieved. In particular, it is extremely unstable on Netscape. The cause is under investigation.

Release Note

Version 0.1
Program and data can be input. Program execution is available.
Version 0.2
The memory editor can load a specific program.
Change the data contained in one line of the memory editor to 8 bytes.
Create separate text field for register changes.
Version 0.3
Revision of screen design. Support for various platforms.
Placed a text field for register changes next to the 7 segments.
Fixed issue on flags.
Block diagram can be displayed. (Currently, only program 1 is displayed correctly, but the design is simple for the prototype. Will be fixed in future versions).
Version 0.31
IN and OUT instructions are implemented. However, the value of ACC after the IN instruction is fixed at 0xFF.
Fixed bugs in the program counter, SLA, and RLA instructions.
Version 0.7
It now works fine on Netscape running on Windows 95.

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