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History of Computer System Lab

Computer system laboratory is in charge of the computer system field for the undergraduate and the graduate school in Kyoto Institute of Technology.

In October 1990, Haruo Niimi arrived as an associate professor from Kyoto University. He began to research and education mainly related to core subjects of information engineering. In June 1992, Kiyoshi Shibayama also arrived as a professor from Kyoto University. In February 1995, Hiroaki Hirata arrived as research associate from Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. In April 1998, Niimi moved to a faculty of engineering at Kyoto Sangyo University as professor. In March 1999, Hirata was promoted to associate professor. In September 2001, Atsushi Nunome who was a member of this lab about six years was employed as research associate. Prof. Shibayama retired at March 2016. In January 2019, Nunome was promoted to associate professor. Hirata was promoted to professor in March 2021.

After Shibayama's arrival, laboratory facilities such as workstations and servers had been set up. Recently, the CAD system for LSI design, hardware description language, and a support system for designing computer architecture became available. This research environment helps us to concentrate on research topics such as computer architecture, computer system, and parallel/distributed processing.

What does ARK mean?

Mar. 1, 2021