KUE-CHIP2 CPU Simulator Users Manual | [Japanese]

Setting a Breakpoint

You can set a breakpoint separately for each register (PC, IR, MAR, ACC, and IX). A program will stop at the breakpoint when its condition is satisfied.

For example, if you set break condition to 03H for PC, the program will stop when PC reaches 03H. At the time, BREAK will be displayed in the State: column.

Break condition is set on a small seven-segment display beside a seven-segment of each register. The small seven-segment will be highlighted after you click it by the mouse. Then you can enter a value in hex format from the keyboard.

If you want enable this break condition, select [Break point on] from [Control] menu. Then the menu item will be changed into [Break point off]. Also, you can disable a breakpoint by selecting [Break point off] even if you have already set a value as a breakpoint.

Click a value and type "-" (hyphen) from the keyboard to disable (reset) the value.