KUE-CHIP2 CPU Simulator Users Manual | [Japanese]

Display subsystem

Display subsystem has following LEDs and seven-segment displays.

Display Device Function
OP (LED) Light up when a program is running
P0~P4 (LED) Execution clock phase
CF,VF,NF,ZF (LED) Indicate conditions of Flags. If the flag is set, the corresponding LED will light up.
INF, IN (LED) The input value by IN instruction in binary format
OUTF, OUT (LED) The output value by OUT instruction in binary format
PC (7segment) Program Counter (PC) in hex format
IR (7segment) Instruction Register (IR) in hex format
ACC (7segment) ACC register in hex format
IX (7segment) IX register in hex format
MAR (7segment) Memory Address Register (MAR) in hex format
Address (7segment) Accessing address in hex format