KUE-CHIP2 CPU Simulator Users Manual | [Japanese]

Control subsystem

Control subsystem has following buttons.

Control Button SS Run a program until HALT instruction.
If you push this button while a program is running, the simulator will stop before fetching the next instruction.
SI Step only one instruction of the program.
SP Step only one clock phase of the program.
RESET Reset KUE-CHIP2 simulator into initial state.
All registers and flags will be set to zero.
CLOCK Clock speed can be set in five steps by pull-down menu.
Tool Button MEMORY Toggles display of memory editor window.
BLOCK Toggles display of block diagram window.
LOG Toggles display of log window.
Instruction Displays the current instruction in mnemonic form.
Total Phase Displays total number of phases from beginning of the program.
Total Instruction Displays total number of instructions from beginning of the program.
State Displays current status of the simulator. It is represented as following four status.
  • RESET (Just at the reset)
  • BREAK (Stop at a break point)
  • RUNNING (Program is running)
  • STOP (Program is not running)